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Tusheti – Khevsureti  
Most exotic and interesting mountainous provinces of Khevsureti and Tusheti are situated in the Eastern Georgia on the Northern mountainsides of the Caucasus.These two spots of Georgia are distinguished by their Alpine vivid and picturesque nature and interesting ethnographic features. 
Over the last decades as a result of political cataclysms and “civilization dominance”, the population of these regions has decreased by far. Most settlements have been totally deserted; province abandonment and its economic recession have caused its isolation from the outer world what was followed by preservation of primeval nature.
One may frequently find historical structures and settlements here where the civilization is not dominant so far: (no motor roads and power supply) while the population still lives in medieval conditions observing ancient traditions and customs.
You may come across archeological remains of 30-40 centuries B.C. still to be discovered and investigated, the so-called Mtkvar-Araks culture. You may find before Christ enciphered stone-carved symbols here the patterns of which are similar to those of Etruscan and Asia Minor ancient civilizations, which had been embedded into walls of medieval towers. They represent relics left over by ancestors.
In the course of the stay in the medieval towers one may enjoy not only the hospitality of Tusheti and Khevsureti people but also one will experience the peculiarities of ancient traditions and the attraction of nature and cultural heritage.
Each day spent here will make unforgettable impressions upon you.
Do not miss your chance to see with your own eyes the beauty and hospitality of these picturesque spots.  

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