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Work in Hungary

Job. Work visa. Residence permit

Visa for a period of stay of 30 days.

Processing time 30-45 days.

Price 2 000 euro (Visa + ID card).

Upon arrival and commencement of work, a residence permit is granted for 2 years.


Stages of payment

- 700 euro (35%) - advance payment to start preparing documents;

- 700 euro (35%) - payment upon receipt of the photo of the finished documents;

- payment for courier delivery to the address you specify or your payment to the courier yourself (approximately 50-80 euros);

- 600 (30%) - after the client receives the visa.

*Discount for agencies from all countries (send your requests to >5 (-50 euros) / >10 clients (-100 euros).


Documents and information required to complete the application form (in English)

  1. First and last name
  2. Address of permanent residence/registration (with postcode)
  3. Current place of residence
  4. Contacts (phone number, connected to WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber), that he could be contacted
  5. Email
  6. Date and place of birth (country, city/village)
  7. Nationality
  8. Education and speciality, if any
  9. What languages are spoken and level of knowledge
  10. Married/single/divorced
  11. Presence of children and their number
  12. Maiden name and mother's name
  13. Photos of all pages of your international passport
  14. Photos of all pages of the internal passport
  15. A photo of your own person (waist-high view on a white background)
  16. *A police clearance certificate apostilled by the Ministry of the country of residence

If necessary, if there are requirements of the Lithuanian consulate in the country of residence, we translate the Certificate of no criminal record and apostille it in Lithuania. The price is 200 euros.


 A set of documents from the employer

- Work permit

- Application for a residence permit

- Employment contract

- Document on the employee's place of residence (housing)

- Extract of company registration

- Tax documents of the employer

- Other additional documents


The set of documents includes a Certificate of Active Business Activity of the employing company, which is valid for 30 days

After receiving the set of documents and registering the client with the Hungarian Consulate, it is imperative to provide us with the date of registration of each client!

The employer will provide an updated certificate - this will eliminate the risk of refusal due to the provision of overdue documents!


Dhaka Office of the Embassy of Hungary

Concord I-K Tower, 2 Madani Avenue, 6th floor

Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Banglades 1212

E-mail: consulate.dac@mfa.gov.hu


Vacancies and working conditions


1) Sansing.

The city of Jászberyn.

Type of work: inspection of parts for defects.

Salary: 300 000-340 thousand forints net.

Hourly wage net 1150 forints / hour.

Work in two shifts.

The shift is 12 hours.


The work is easy to do.

Steady work, but there are many breaks.


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