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The Land of Golden Fleece.

The Land of Golden Fleece.

According to the Greek mythology about Argonauts Colchis Kingdom had represented a developed advanced country by its elevated culture and economy from times immemorial. The ancient Greek historical sources verify the same regarding the ancient Christian Kingdoms of Colchis and Hereti while their validity is evidenced by the architectural monuments and displays that have been preserved as remains of the ancient times towns: Vani, Phasisi (Poti), Aia (Kutaisi), Dioskuria (Sukhumi).
The two kingdoms – Colchis and Iberia – populated with the Georgian ethnicity, apparently had close relationships with the peoples and countries of the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. This set conditions for the existence of similar cultural space with certain national features and nature.

The antique culture monuments existing in the Western Georgia (Colchis) tell us about the world of mythological Argonauts and Medea. 

8 Days
Day 1 – Arrival in Tbilisi airport, check in a hotel;
Day 2 – Tbilisi – Kutaisi (antique Asia), visiting ruins of antique settlements – familiarizing with archeological monuments and museums of Vani, overnight stay in a Batumi hotel;
Day 3 – Familiarizing with museums of Poti and Batumi, overnight stay in a Batumi hotel;
Day 4 – Departure to Mestia, passing Enguri gorge, where the fleece was used to get the gold in antique age, so took place the myth of "Golden Fleece", visiting museums, overnight stay in a hotel;
Day 5 – Mestia – Ushguli one of the highest villages in Europe, where the famous King of Georgia – Tamar had her summer residence in the XII century, spending the night in the Ushuguli family hotel;
Day 6 – Ushguli – Kutaisi walking in Kutaisi vicinity, overnight stay in a hotel;
Day 7 – Visiting museums of Tbilisi, rest, spending the night. 

Day 8 – Departure;


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