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Tbilisi - Mtsheta - Borzhomi - Bakuriani - Tbilisi.

Exclusive winter round of Tbilisi - Mtsheta - Borzhomi - Bakuriani - Tbilisi.

Into the program enters:
Day 1: the Arrival in Tbilisi. Excursion across Tbilisi. Moving to Bakuriani, in one of winter resorts of Georgia. On the way to Bakuriani we will try Georgian cuisine in Mtsheta. Arrival in Bakuriani, moving in
To hotel.
Day 2: we Will rise on mountain Kohta, where fine conditions for fans of the mountain-skiing
Sports. Here you can go down on lines of different complexity, drive on vehicles,
All-terrain vehicles and snow-storms to be engaged in a snowboard, and also to take pleasure in beauty of the nature.
3, 4 day: Free time on a mounting skiing resort.
5 day: Departure in Tbilisi, on road we will visit Borzhomi, we will visit the well-known Borzhomsky national park which was favourite vacation spot of last emperor of the All-Russia Nikolay II and his family, and also the great Russian composer
P.I.Chajkovskogo. The following stop at a monastery of Dzhvari, in eternal the city of Mtsheta the second Jerusalem, the merge of Aragvi constructed on a place and the Hen (say that the pioneer settlement of this city has been constructed by Mtshetosom, son Kartlosa - the sixth generation after Moiseja).посещение салобио where we will try лобио (варённая a string bean with juicy seasonings) in
Clay pots, хачапури and amazing кебаби. After a dinner we will visit the Cathedral of Svetitshoveli. Our guide will tell you legends about this city.
Arrival in Tbilisi, moving in hotel and walk on a city.
6 day: Free time. A departure.
COST of round for one person: 3*
Hotel "Aizberg"
Hotel "Tskhratskharo"
Hotel "Tbilisi"
The price for one people for
520€ - for group 2 people
500€ - for group 8 people
480€ - for group of 10 foreheads
460€ - for group of 14 foreheads
• hotel accommodation
• a food: Day 1 - a supper, Day 4 – a breakfast, other days – 3 single food
• a transfer
• services of the guide
• avia-flight.
• surcharge for hotel accommodation 4*
• driving on an all-terrain vehicle, on a snow-storm, a snowboard etc.
• hire of skis and ski equipment


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