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International Association of Tourists and Travelers

Juridical person

Association presents  non-industrial,   non-commercial   juridical person, whose   main goal is to give support to the tourism and the hotels sector in order to develop tourism and to increase the quality of the service  in Georgia.

 The juridical, person  who is in the  association, has possibility :

1.      To use  the non percentage credit  for building, repairing and installation working service ;

      To increase the quantity  of  corporative costumers and  the groups of tourists;

3.      To take part  trainings and seminars for having high quality service.

4.      To  be known in Georgia and out of  Georgia`s border.


Current  year   50 tour company is planning to visit Georgia from many countries of the world. Iran, Ukraine, America, Israel, Belorussia, etc.

Any juridical person who is   the member of   the association, automatically will become the partner  of  many  tour agencies and will have the possibility to receive and to give the service for the tourists.


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