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Job. Work visa. Residence permit Serbia

Job. Work visa. Residence permit Serbia

Watsapp +995597994500

Duration of stay/validity

180 days. Processing time: 30-45 days

Cost: 2 000 euro


Stages of payment

  • 650 euro  - advance payment to start preparing documents;
  • 650 euro  - payment upon receipt of the photo of the finished documents;
  • 700 euro  - after receipt of visa.

*Discount for agencies from all countries (send your requests to >5 (-50 euros) / >10 clients (-100 euros).


The price includes a set of documents:

  1. Job offer from the employer
  2. An employment contract containing all the terms and conditions of employment
  3. A document from the employer confirming the employee's place of residence upon arrival at work


Job vacancies in Serbia


Official employment

Position - warehouse worker (storekeeper)

work in different warehouses of the company in Serbia.

8 hour shifts (there are night shifts)

5 days a week

minimum wage 400 euros per month in local currency equivalent

+ bonus every month from 50 to 250 euros for the quality of labour

+ bonus "no absenteeism" - 150 euros

+ taxes are paid by the company

+ free meals

+ free accommodation with all necessary amenities

+ Medical insurance

+ working clothes

Contract for 1 year with the possibility of extension


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