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International Association of Tourists and Travelers
















     International   Association of  "Tourists and Travelers " -  College 

      We have a very interesting sentence  to  the organizations and tour agencies ,  to bring the people who is interested in tourism and want to get high education in tourism space.  They will get the certificate of our association after graduating courses . There is no limit of quantities of  students.  read more >>>>


Educational programs:

Education in the Czech Republic
Education in Germany
Education in Greece
Education in Poland


Private, tourist and trip business, visa support to Georgia

Available experience and knowledge in tourism sphere, professionalism of our employees, the adjusted schemes of registration of visas will help you to save time.  read more >>>>


Online booking worldwide + visa support

 Hotels, Car rental, Transfers, Sightseeing tours, Apartments and Willa, Ferries, Groups, Yachts and Sailing boats, Boats, Wine and gastronomic rounds, Round. tickets (museums, transport... Air tickets, Railway tickets).  Medical insurance + baggage insurance







В ОТПУСК.РУ - все о туризме и отдыхе: предложения турфирм, поиск туров, горящие путевки, описание отелей и отзывы об отелях, визы, авиа и ж/д билеты, расписание поездов, погода на курортах, информация о странах, поиск попутчиков   Активный отдых: Крым, Кавказ, Карпаты, Алтай. Походы, рафтинг, конные туры. Каталог туристических сайтов. 

Туризм и путешествия - каталог туристических сайтов

Georgia travel agent - Travel agencies and companies in Georgia on Tripcook

Туристический портал Циклон. Туры из Санкт-Петербурга International Association of Tourists and Travelers


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