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Type: Guesthouse
Address: 4 Metekhi Ascent
District: Avlabari
Telephone: 27 33 48
Number of rooms: 32 rooms (5 Luxe)
Room price: 100-250 GEL
Additional infos: Price includes breakfast, billiards
Cable internet


Everybody knows the Mtkvari River, Metekhi and Gorgasali's monument, and that's exactly the view the GMT hotel is overlooking.

You will easily find the hotel. Open the door and enter a small foyer where the security is located. After you pass this foyer you will enter another bigger room connected to narrow corridor (with rooms) and patio. The patio is covered with vine (Alexsandrouli, Tita). The hotel cafe-bar is also here. It's cozy and nice, and they can offer you Georgian and European cuisine.

Just a few steps upstairs form the garden and you will find yourself on a big balcony with a beautiful view.

The hotel has 25 rooms. 12 single, 9 double and 4 luxury suite. All rooms have free internet connection; color TV with cable channels, mini bar, central heating and air conditioning.

Prices are adequate - USD 50-150. Prices include breakfast, billiards, sauna, pool and fitness club.

The GMT hotel offers you 24 hours service and security, airport transfer and sightseeing tours with a guide and interpreter.

You should go to the GTM Hotel and start fulfilling your plans right away.



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