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Gourmet tour

Our company offers very special gourmet tours

Healthy products, ancient recipes, excellent cooks – this combination makes a wide range of  festive and colourful dishes



The abundant  land of Georgia gives  delicious vegetables and fruits and certainly  different savory herbs


To travel from region to region and see, observe and prepare food with your own hands!

The best cooks and locals -  also  skilled  cooks will show you the best of the Georgian Cuisine. You will get initiated with the secrets of this age-long art. So, come and get them!


Tabaka – flattened young chicken fried in clay pans or heavy skillets. Is served with tkemali or Niortskhali souse – a pungent garlic souse.


Tkemali – sharp and savory souse made of sour plum, extremely good for health..


Khashi – Tripe Soup

Khashi is not only tasty and killing the bad effects of hangover but has curative power for a stomach well.


Matsoni – (Georgian yogurt) soup.

This is perfect for a vegetarian diet. Fresh mint and cilantro give very special touch to this dish.


Kupati – traditional Georgian coiled sausage is perfectly spicy with cinnamon, barberry, cloves and is fried in a skillet.


Satsivi – made of poultry, turkey being most famous. Broth from the boiled bird is mixed with walnut souse and plenty of spices, ground marygold among them. This dish goes well with corn bread and Ghomi.

Ghomi- boiled corn, reminding American homini grits is eaten hot with special sulguni cheese.

Khachapuri – excellent cheese bread. Visitors will discover several different kinds of khachapuri and surprisingly enough each cook bakes it in different ways.

Lobiani – Bean-stuffed bread, tasty and healthy dish with little cholesterol.

Khinkali – extremely popular with Georgians as well as visitors. These are stuffed dumplings. The stuffing in most cases is meat – beef, mixture of pork and beef or mutton. Easy to find khinkali with cheese, cottage cheese, potatoes, mushrooms. Khinkali are served hot. As khinkalis develop juice inside they replace soup in some way.

Bazha, Sinori, Chakapuli, pkhali, the list will continue much longer .All these dishes require good store of wine to wash them down – excellent Georgian wines chosen carefully for suitable delicatessen.

 Typical Georgian desserts are not that versatile for typical dessert  are fruits – fragrant, inviting, delicious. Although today visitors are sure to try plenty of various pastry and confectionery from different  countries.

Churchkhela – Georgian candy with a difficult name but wonderful taste. Threaded walnuts or hazelnuts dipped in thickened grape juice prove being delicious and healthy sweet.

Better to taste everything and then judge!

 Day 1.  Arrival in Tbilisi. Accommodation in the hotel.

Morning excursion in Tbilisi visiting major museums and the sites of cultural importance.

Lunch in the  national restaurant. Getting familiarized with local dishes.

Preparation of khinkali. The group observes and takes part.

Dinner in one of the best restaurants  with wines and live music.

Overnight in the hotel.


Day 2.  Walking around picturesque quarters of the old city.

Tbilisi – Gori – Kutaisi

Departure from Tbilisi to Gori. See around this old town and visit Stalin Museum.

Head for Ateni – picturesque village, see marvelous 7th c. church and go to locals’ house to have lunch. Observe preparation of Mkhlovana – spinach pie and tabaka – flattened chicken. Taste some superb pickles and Kada – local cakes.

After lunch continue to Kutaisi.

Accommodation in the guesthouse .

Observe and cook eggplant with walnuts and baking khachapuri.

Dinner with local Imeretian wines.


Day 3. Kutaisi - Racha

Observe making pancakes with jam.

Drive via picturesque Nakerala Pass to Ambrolauri.

Reach locals’ house and take part in preparation of LObiani.

Lunch with homemade superb wine Khvanchkara. This is subtle sweet red wine made of distinctive grapes.

Continue driving in the mountains towards Oni – the capital of the district.

Accommodation in the guesthouse.

Prepare local mushrooms and Lobio – special thick soup with smoked ham. Lobio is  

 Served in clay pots.

Dinner with local wines.

Overnight in the hotel.


Day 4. Racha - Batumi

Breakfast, depart for Nikortsminda

Drive the same road, en route visit a unique 11th c. St Nicholas Church. Incredible releaves  and frescoes are interesting to view.. Pass along the beautiful Shaori Lake.

Lunch at the local family in Terjola. Cooking Kupati – hot sausage and Chadi – corn bread. Wash down with light local wine.

Continue driving towards Batumi – the Black Sea Coast.

Accommodation in the hotel. Relax.

Dinner in the hotel. (Georgian as well as international cuisine).

 Day 5. Batumi 

Breakfast in the hotel.

Short excursions around this charming city. Gonio Fortress – impressive typical old Roman fort very well-preserved close from the sea. Visit Caucasian sheepdogs’ nursery.

Go to Sarpi – the village that borders with Turkey. Lazis – famous Georgian tribe live in this village.

Visit the local family and watch and participate in preparation of Achma – peculiar khachapuri and incredibly delicious fried fish. Try Batumian beer.

Go to see the centre of Batumi – churches, mosque, relax in the promenade.

Dinner in the restaurant at Batumi. Local dishes – Borano, Sinori Apokhti and of course super khachapuri – special Adjarian one. Having shape of boats (we are at the seaside).

Especially interesting baking these ones. Red wines will be helpful to wash down these delicacies.

Overnight in the hotel.


Day 6. Batumi - Tbilisi

Breakfast, start for Tbilisi.

Lunch en route in the local restaurant.

Shashlik – barbeque, pkhali – different herbs with spices and walnuts.

Visit Mtskheta – the World Heritage UNESCO site.

Arrive in Tbilisi, overnight in the hotel.


Day 7 Tbilisi – Kakheti - Tbilisi

Breakfast at the hotel, depart for Kakheti, east of Tbilisi.

Visit Ninotsminda Complex (6-18th c.)

Continue to Inner Kakheti, drive up to Signagi – fortified medeavel town, see around and drive to the village of Chumlaki – interesting experience awaiting here – baking of dedas puri – local bread, shashlyk and Kakhetian pride – khashlama.

Lunch with superb Kakhetian wines accompanied with live music – folk songs.

Preparation of Tatara  and churchkhelas– dessert made of walnuts and grape juice.

Head for Tbilisi, return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight an the hotel.


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·         Accommodation in DBL rooms on FB

·         Transfer

·         Transportation

·          Guide

·         Lunch with superb wines, chchas accompanied with live music – folk songs



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