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Get a job, work visa and residence permit in Albania


Job. Visa. Residence permit

Period of stay/validity: 90 days

Processing time: 30-45 days

Cost: 1,800 euros

ID card (TRP) for 1 year is issued upon arrival at the place of work.


Steps of payment

- 800 Euro (50%) - advance payment to start the document preparation process.

- 1000 euros (50%) - payment after receiving the electronic visa!

* In case of refusal to issue a visa - the advance payment is refunded!

Visa verification at  


The following information is required from the candidate (scanned copies of documents)

- Foreign passport: all pages with marks

- CV with photo, to be filled in at

- Diploma of education

- Certificate of speciality (if available)


Procedure for action:

  1. Registration on the site and creating a CV
  2. Scanning the completed CV from the website
  3. Scanning all pages of your passport
  4. Scanning of diploma and certificate of education, speciality (if available)
  5. Sending all scanned copies for verification
  6. Payment of advance payment
  7. Obtain a copy of the visa (30-45 days) and visa code for verification
  8. Check visa validity (optional) on
  9. Additional payment of the balance of the total amount
  10. Receipt of the electronic visa in PDF format and accompanying documents for entry into Albania
  11. Agreeing the date of arrival
  12. Meeting at the airport in Tirana, Albania
  13. Transfer to the place of residence, check-in, signing the necessary documents
  14. Start of work
  15. Registration of residence permit for 1 year.


Vacancies 2024


Cannery - for Pakistani and Indian nationals only

- city of Tirana

- Required: men and women up to 45 years of age

- Job: in the production of preserves

- Position: Packer, Cleaner, Conveyor Worker

- Schedule: 5 days a week

- Working shift: from 8 to 10 hours

- Minimum wage: from 550 euros

- Accommodation: at the employer's expense, not far from work

- Dress code: free

- Meals at the expense of the employer:

- Lunch

- Dinner (during night shifts)

- Food packages

*There are production facilities in Greece, possible business trips for 2 months, at the request of employees.


Cleaner of hotels and municipal premises - for all citizens

(seasonal work)

- city of Dures

- Required: men and women up to 45 years old

- Job: hotel staff

- Position: hotel employee, receptionist, bartender, barista, waiter, guide, cleaner.

- Schedule: 6 days a week

- Working shift: depending on the position

- Salary: from 550 to 1500 euros (plus tips, depending on the type of activity).

- Accommodation: at the expense of the employer, on the territory of the hotel

- Dress code: free

- Meals at the expense of the employer:

- full board.


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