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International Association of Tourists and Travelers

ჩვენ გაგაცნობთ საქართველო


        ტურები ესპანეთში                ტურები ისრაელშიტურები თურქეთში

სამედიცინო კომპანია "ნოვა" გთავაზობთ დიაგნოსტიკური და თერაპევტული ტურები ისრაელში


     Our association represents the non-productive, noncommercial legal entity which main objective is support to tourist and hotel sector with a view of development of tourism and improvement of quality of service of the tourists arriving to Georgia. Employees of our association are professional guides with various length of service: from 5 to 25 years, and also highly-specialized tour operators who will make round by your inquiry. There are on hand vehicles: buses of 48-77 places, comfortable minivans, minibuses of 15-30 places and automobile cars. To services of tourists - hotels, hostels and the private apartments which have been completely equipped for reception of tourists of various categories.

ბავშთა ბანაკი ბაკურიანში

ერთდღიანი ტურები სკოლებისთვის

 ჩვენ გაგაცნობთ საქართველო

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 ისტორიული ხუროთმოძღვრები საქართველოში


დაგვიკავშირდეთ:   info@iatt-online.org   Mob: (+995)597 994 500

    International   Association of "Tourists and Travelers " -  College 

  International association "tourists and travelers” is a non-commercial, non political and non industrial organization, which is created to develop the tourism  in Georgia and out of Georgia .

  We have a very interesting sentence  to  the organizations and tour agencies ,  to bring the people who is interested in tourism and want to get high education in tourism space.  They will get the certificate of our association after graduating courses . There is no limit of quantities of  students.  read more >>>>

Association presents  non-industrial,   non-commercial   juridical person, whose   main goal is to give support to the tourism and the hotels sector in order to develop tourism and to increase the quality of the service  in Georgia.

 The juridical, person  who is in the  association, has possibility :  read more >>>>

Private, tourist and trip business, visa support to Georgia.

Available experience and knowledge in tourism sphere, professionalism of our employees, the adjusted schemes of registration of visas will help you to save time.  read more >>>>



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