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General information about the resort

Bakuriani - the ultimate gauge railway station Borjomi - Bakuriani.  Narrow Gauge Railroad Borjomi - Bakuriani


 Narrow Gauge Railroad Borjomi - Bakuriani - an outstanding monument of railway equipment late XIX - early XX centuries.  Railway with a track width of 900 mm and a length of 38 kilometers and connects two Georgian settlements: Borjomi and Bakuriani, located in the Borjomi district.


The railroad built to ferry tourists to the mineral springs in Bakuriani 1898 - 1901 years.  The track is narrow gauge railway runs through mountainous terrain with difficult terrain, which is why in 1966 it was electrified with a voltage of 1500 V (DC).  Prior to that used on the road locomotives, one of which, 1914 release, mounted on a pedestal in the Borjomi).


 On the road, has regular passenger traffic.


 .  Basically, the road used by tourists wishing to enjoy the views of the mountain views from the windows of cars, but after the holiday season this railway line is often used by local residents.  The trip from Borjomi to Bakuriani or back takes 2-2.5 hours.  Such a large travel time associated with frequent ascents and descents, as well as on very steep sections of the route.


 The town of Bakuriani is one of the best Georgian resorts.



 Why?  First, Bakuriani - this sunny resort, because the number of sunny days is more than 210 days a year.  Second, in a place where the resorts, annual precipitation is less than 800 millimeters of rain.  Therefore, the local summer - cool slightly (to an average of 15 ° Celsius) and the winter, relatively warm (up to - 7 ° C).  Thirdly, the resort Bakuriani is situated at an altitude of over 1,700 meters above sea level on the northern slopes of the picturesque Trialet Ridge, located near Borjomi.



 In addition to all the other advantages of this wonderful resort of Bakuriani is also the best ski resorts in Georgia.  Bakuriani resort is well equipped for those who like to ski in the winter - many lifts, rental shops, a few good hotels and much more.  And what a beautiful nature here!  In our opinion, be sure to come here to look at this beauty.  Majestic mountains, covered with crisp white snow, numerous green spruce and pine, united in a huge forest clearing.  The beauty of the resort Bakuriani not be described in words!



 In addition, the resort can be said to have "a favorable geographical position" in relation to a number of large population centers and airports in Georgia.  So, for example, from the largest airport of the Georgian capital Tbilisi to the resort of Bakuriani, a distance of 190 kilometers, which can be overcome in a few hours by car.



 The history of the resort of Bakuriani


 The history of settlement Bakuriani, as the resort has its roots in the 30s of the last century.  The founder of the resort of Bakuriani is a Soviet statesman A. Zhemchuzhnikov.  Originally, this was purely a ski resort.  Here went skiing, many political leaders of that time.  In addition, here in Bakuriani competitions in winter sports.



 It took several decades, and the Georgian ski resort of Bakuriani was the main training base for the ski team of the Soviet Union, which is preparing to many competitions, including the Olympic Games.



 When the Soviet Union collapsed and Georgia, as well as all the former countries of the Union, gained independence in the early 90s, the resort fell into disrepair.  But more recently, the country's current government spent a lot of financial resources that would restore this wonderful resort.



 After all, it is in the town of Bakuriani, Georgia wanted to spend the Winter Olympics in 2014, investment in the development of this resort exceeded $ 2 billion.  Today the resort Bakuriani deservedly considered one of the most developed ski resorts not only in Georgia, but in the whole Caucasus region.


Bakuriani: useful information for tourists


 As you know, the resort is a ski resort of Bakuriani.  Downhill skiing is carried out on the tracks "Kokhta-1" and "2-Kokhta" bred on the mountain of the same name.  Actually, the two big tracks and form the resort of Bakuriani.  The two-stage track "Kokhta-1" is equipped with a large chair lift (extended to 3 km) and the support bracket.  The length of the route is about a mile.  There is also a steep decline, which is in the very beginning of the descent "Kokhta-1."  The height of this recession more than 600 meters.  The track "Kokhta-2", is designed for more experienced skiers.  "Kokhta-2" - a difficult ski run length of more than 3 kilometers.  Start the route - Mount Kokhta, finish - the village of Didi Mitarbi.  In addition to the big chair lift, there is also a long ski lift (lyzhebuksir), a few small lyzhebuksirov and one chairlift leading to the springboard.  For those who still do not know how to ski, the resort offers several educational, simple lines, for example, the "Plateau".


 However, the resort Bakuriani is interesting for tourists, not only the fact that there can be good for skiing or snowboarding.  Themselves the places where the resort is conveniently located, very beautiful and interesting for any tourist.  Bakuriani is situated at the intersection of the Lesser Caucasus mountain range and variety of natural areas with beautiful flora and fauna.  Tourists who come to the resort, in addition to skiing can also do some light day hiking through the local natural beauty - mountains, gorges, caves, mountain lakes and springs, etc.  For example, the resort offers mountain climbing Kohtu, which reaches 2,155 meters, and Sekvelomtu, Tskhratskaro Pass (elevation over 2700 meters), a visit to the stunning mountain lake Tabatskuri, ancient monastery complex Timotesubani (XI century), which is mainly , in the caves, springs Mitarbi, Tsikhisdzhvari and more.



 One of the most beautiful and interesting places in the resort - it's Borjomi Gorge.  Not far from this gorge is the picturesque village Daba, in which there is a small ancient chapel built right into the cave (by the way, the Christian buildings in the caves here - not an uncommon phenomenon).  Here you can also see one of the oldest trees in the world - Georgian yew, whose age is greater than 2000 years.  Not far from the Borjomi Gorge be both - Tsagveri, as well as Borjomi, rich healing waters.



 Those tourists who prefer extreme sports, can go to the resort of Bakuriani in one of the most beautiful places - the gorge Bakurianis-Tskali with its beautiful crystalline rocks, which sometimes reaches a height of several tens of meters.



 In Borjomi gorge you can do as a paraglider, jeeping, rafting and many other extreme forms of recreation.  Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy fishing in the many mountain lakes where trout hobnob, and in large quantities!




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