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Advertising tour in Georgia

Tbilisi –Kakheti -David Garedji - Qartli - Sighnaghi - Gori - Ufliscikhe - mckheta - Borjomi - Bakuriani - Vardzia
1 day

Arrival in central airport. meeting with representative of company. transfer from aeroport to the hotel. Place in the


2 day

Excursion in Tbilisi. Sightseeings: Old Tbilisi
Meidan and bath house sulphury sameba cathedral
Rustaveli ave. Freedom square New glass bridge Sioni church Anchiskhati church
Walking path in an old streets of shardeniMetekhi church Narikhala synagogue mosque Gregorian church

Introdusing members of our company

Go to the restaurant and taste national dishes

Go back to the hotel.

Spend a night in the hotel.

3 day
Breakfast in the hotel. Go to the david gareji direction.

Visit complex of david gareji monastery -south side from Tbilisi there is a church monastery placed in grotto. antic lavra of Devid and Dodo and NaTlismcemeli created at the biggining of VIth century. The other churches were found in X- XIII centuries.

In Many of the churches and dining-halls there are frescos of Georgian kings and saints which are created in VIII- XIV centuries.

Return in Tbilisi hotel and spend a night there.

4 day
Breakfast in the hotel.

Excursion in south part of Georgia where the wine was prodused, in kakheti . it`s considered that due to the archeological digging there were discovered leaves of grapes from a very past epoch and ancient seeds of vine which is dated in b.c VI-V thousand years. Due to this we are allowed to consider that Georgia is nativeland of wine-making.

During the many centuries it was worked out the different methods of making variety of local wines: khvanchkara, mukuzani, kindzmarauli, sapheravi, tsinandali etc.

In XVII century a famouse franch traveller Sharden said that no other country could make such a hudge amount and such high qualited wine as Georgia could.

Excursion in town sighnaghi- a love town. one of the most beautifull and ancient towns of

Town is surrounded by the 4-5 km fance which has 23 towers. from the town You can see amazing landscape of valley alazani and mountaines of Caucasus.

Taste the wine (taste 4 variety of wine)

Visit Bodbe monastery. history of the monastery is linked by st.Nino`s name. she has lived her last years right that place where she was barried.

Visit museum of Alexander Chavchavadze. Excursion in the complex of Alaverdy monastery, academy of Ikhalto and visit kakheti local population where you can taste gorgian dishes.

Return in Tbilisi.

5 day
Excursion in the middle of Georgia-khartli region. Because the name of this region Georgia was called – Saqartvelo. That’s how Georgians call their own country.

Exiting sightseeing in an ancient town of Georgia Mtskheta- the first capital of Georgia. Visit Svetitsxoveli monastery complex, where there is safed Jesus`s shirt.
Move to the monastery- Jvari
Gori- one of the main towns of silk road. see the sights of the castle in Gori. Stong-built building on the hill, from where you can see amazing landscape of the town. There had been so many wars and invades by Georgian animies. Nowadays there are only remains of the castle.visit memorial of the soldiers who were batteling against the Russians in 08.08.2008. Dinner in the restaurant. Visit Uflistsikhe monastery- an ancient town in stones. Uflistsikhe was created b.c II-I centuries. In a Gold epoch it included more than 700 caves but nowadays there is only 150 one. In the stones there were buildings, churches, and living places. There were the wells, the water canals,the gate of the town and the streets. Uflistsikhe was settle on the silk road. Visit Athenis Sioni built VII th century. In the evening go to the Bakuriani direction Bakuriani- Georgian wintry- summerly health resort in alpine zone. Spend a night in the bakuriani hotel.

6 day

Breakfast in the hotel. going to Borjomi. Excursion in the square of Borjomi- in the mineral water zone. Visit the hotels in Bakuriani.walk through the streets of Bakuriani. Spend a night in the hotel

7 day

Breakfast in the hotel. Go to Vardzia direction- the city in the rock. XII_XIIIcenturies. Return in Tbilisi in the evening.

8 day
Breakfast in the hotel Visit the hotels in Tbilisi Transfer to aeroport. Flight.

Number of persons
Price per person USD

The price includes:

1. Medical insurance
2. Living 3star-hotel (feeding due to the program)
3. Every item mentioned in the tour
4. Group transfer (aeroport-hotel; hotel-aeroport)
5. Transferring during the tour
6. Guide service in Russian language and english interpreter

7.First day Supper in the restaurant.

8.Tasting wine in Kakheti.

9. Visiting Alexander Chavchavadze`s museum

Price doesnot include

1. Price of flight

Necessary documentation:

* request of reserving


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